Seconded Resources

Sometimes you want a seconded (agency style) resource to join your team as quickly as possible. You have all the processes, IT equipment and other ‘service enablement’ that you need. You just want the raw talent to slot into your own delivery engine for you to manage and supervise.

In this model BIM-UK provide the people talent and ‘corporate enablement’, e.g. human resource and payroll functions associated with employment.

Your guarantee of full legal compliance (including IR35).

Augmented Resources

Sometimes you want a resource ready that’s ready to go. You still want to directly manage and supervise your team member, but you want to rely on others for deploying ‘service enablement’.

In this model BIM-UK provide the people talent, ‘corporate enablement’ and ‘service enablement’, e.g. ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 professional processes, Cyber Essential Plus certified IT equipment and professional insurances.

All augmented resources are fully legally compliant (including IR35).