We understand that, for many contracting organisations, delivering Level 2 BIM will require a step change in approach. 2016 sees Level 2 BIM introduced as a requirement on all centrally funded government projects and many other clients, whilst not obligated, are beginning to adopt the principles of BIM. BIM-UK is able to support you to deliver these new client requirements.

There is likely to be variances between clients in how they take on these new responsibilities internally, or pass the responsibilities through their supply chains, and we are able to provide tailored support for contractors in whatever way it is needed. Additionally, our unique blend of BIM expertise and traditional project services, will support your non-BIM projects as well.

BIM Services


Specialist advice on how BIM principles apply to existing organisational workflows or specific project challenges, including:

Support with tendering proposals

Information Management process development

Design process development

Level 2 BIM

Specialist consultancy support to align your organisation with Level 2 BIM requirements, including:

Information Management process development

Design process development

BIM training workshops

Provision of BIM expertise to support your project teams:

Support with tendering proposals

BIM supply chain capability assessment support

Production of the pre-contract BEP

Managing the BIM Execution Plan and Master Information Delivery Plan

Undertaking a full information management role, including:

  • Managing the common data environment;
  • Managing project information; and
  • Supporting project delivery generally through collaborative working, information exchange and project team management

Supporting information exchange, including COBie

Pre-information exchange model validation

Provision of seconded BIM specialists to drive and manage BIM across your organisation

Project Services

Non-BIM Contracts

Traditional project services support to augment your internal resources, either by providing ad hoc services or providing seconded personnel, including:

Commercial management and quantity surveying

Procurement and supply chain management

Subcontract and main contract administration

Risk and Value Management

Final Account and commercial close-out support

Claims management

Level 2 BIM Support

Specialist BIM expertise to meet the requirements of Level 2 BIM in relation to traditional project services:

Programming and planning support to meet the requirements of 4D BIM scheduling

Computer aided estimating and cost planning support to meet the requirements of 5D BIM costing

Contract and subcontract drafting and administration support to meet the requirements of the CIC BIM Protocol


Whole life cost analysis and optioneering

CO2e analysis and optioneering

Client data capture

Quantitative risk management

Commercial Modelling

Performance monitoring and improvement