Project Description

We understand that, for many consultant organisations, delivering Level 2 BIM will require a step change in approach. For design and engineering consultants, this may mean direct changes in standard processes and roles / responsibilities. For other consultants such as project managers and quantity surveyors, new project team interfaces will be created and new opportunities will arise to add value for clients. 2016 sees Level 2 BIM mandated on all centrally funded government projects and many other clients, whilst not obligated, are beginning to adopt the principles of BIM. BIM-UK is able to support you to deliver these new client requirements.
There is likely to be variances between clients in how they take on these new responsibilities internally, or pass the responsibilities through their supply chains, and we are able to provide tailored support for consultants in whatever way it is needed. Additionally, our unique blend of BIM expertise and traditional project services, will support your non-BIM projects as well.